Small Business Health Insurance

Company owners need health insurance for themselves and for their employees. Small businesses sometimes have difficulty finding decent health insurance plans for affordable costs. Here are some websites that can help you find the right plan. Not all plans are created equal, but one or more of these companies can […]

The Workers Compensation Situation in California and why it’s More Important than Ever to Manage Risk, Exposures, and Claims

Brief Introduction to the Experience Modification It is a dawn of a new era for Workers Compensation in California. The experience modification formula has been altered for the first time since January 1st 2007. Those of you who are not familiar with the experience modifier, to put it simply, it […]

Insurance Options for the Self-Employed

If you work by yourself and are self-employed then you need to ensure that you have organized the right insurance for your business and you. This is insurance that covers your business and you against any unexpected or unforeseen accidents, mishaps or set-backs that could cause you serious problems and […]

A Great Example of Why Employment Practices Liability Insurance is Important to Your Business and Relevant in This Day and Age!

Restaurant Pays $170,000 To Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Chilbo Myunok USA LLC, a Korea-based food company which owns a Los Angeles restaurant and a chain of fast-food stores in Korea, pays $170,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) on behalf of a […]

The Top Ten Reasons Why Private Company Directors and Officers Need D&O Insurance.

1. Involvement in day-to-day operations makes private company directors and officers particularly vulnerable to claims brought by employees. 2. Third party discrimination claims, brought by customers and clients, are increasingly common in today’s society. 3. D&O Insurance from a quality insurer can take private companies through their IPO and into […]