The Workers Compensation Situation in California and why it’s More Important than Ever to Manage Risk, Exposures, and Claims

Brief Introduction to the Experience Modification It’s a dawn of a new era for Workers Compensation in California. The experience modification formula has been altered as of 1/1/2011. Those of you who are not familiar with the experience modification, to put it simply, it is a comparison of your business’s […]

Handling a Cal-OSHA Inspection

California is a difficult state to do business in, regardless of the industry. Companies are consistently hindered by federal/state business compliance regulations and work place safety enforcement. Cal-OSHA can institute heavy fines upon inspection if a job or worksite is not up to code. These fines not only tie up […]

Construction Job Site Safety Topics: Heat Stress Prevention, Motor Vehicle Safety Programs, Poison Oak, and Snakes

As workers compensation costs continue to rise for the construction industry, it is imperative to mitigate potential losses by prioritizing proactive employee safety techniques.I. Heat Stress Prevention Did you know that a colored hard hat can be up to 10 degrees hotter internally than a white hard hat? Heat stroke […]