Obtaining quotes for commercial vehicle insurance can be very time consuming. Always start your search by contacting your existing insurance company. The cheap commercial insurance policies often come from a company that you have worked with in the past because they will offer discounts to repeat customers.

Online insurance companies will offer cheap commercial insurance policies, but it can be difficult to purchase the right policy. Usually the information you need will not be disclosed on the web site, making it impossible to look over your checklist to make sure everything is on your policy. Dealing with an insurance agent can be just as frustrating as online insurance shopping. Insurance agents want to sell you a policy and they will not go into details as to how you can save money with your insurance plan.

When you own or lease a commercial vehicle, you will need to purchase commercial vehicle insurance. Small business owners can become overwhelmed by the process of shopping for commercial vehicle insurance, so your best decision is to contact a broker who will be able to obtain multiple quotes for you. They can do all the hard work of negotiating the policy and making sure it fits all of your needs.

A commercial vehicle insurance policy is quite different from your personal auto insurance policy. With personal auto insurance, you can get some discounts for leaving your car in the garage and for being a safe driver. Commercial vehicle insurance policies generally don’t offer a lot of discounts. They are used strictly to protect your vehicles and other assets and businesses are not eligible for the same discounts as individuals.

Obtaining multiple quotes will be your best way to gain cheap commercial insurance. Talk to several different insurance companies and try using a few online sites to see how their policies differ from those offered by your personal auto insurance provider.