Company owners need health insurance for themselves and for their employees. Small businesses sometimes have difficulty finding decent health insurance plans for affordable costs. Here are some websites that can help you find the right plan. Not all plans are created equal, but one or more of these companies can help you find or tailor a plan to your needs.

At you can get quotes, compare plans, and apply online. They offer state specific information from a variety of carriers at no cost to you. This site is a one stop shop for you to look a several different coverage options.

On the website, you will be able to request detailed information about group health insurance, general liability commercial auto, and worker’s compensation. They also offer information about coverage related to fraudulent employee acts, contractual obligations, and client financial loss.

Under the services tab, you can find small business health and dental insurance information. Coverage is available for Washington, Nevada, California, Oregon and Hawaii only.

Before visiting these sites for quotes, make certain that you are prepared to have the companies contact you. To provide you with accurate quotes, many of these companies will request specific information about the type of business, company annual revenue, and how many employees will be enrolling. Small business health insurance plans typically cover from 5-50 employees. There is typically no obligation, but you should know exactly what your needs are prior to leaving your information with one of these insurance companies.

Health insurance costs are growing for everyone, especially small businesses. Another option to consider is Health Savings Accounts, or HSAs. These accounts allow you and your employees to deposit savings tax free to an interest bearing savings account that can be accessed to pay for medical expenses. Money that is not used will automatically rollover for use in future medical expenses. HSAs are complementary to high deductible insurance plans, and are usually not stand alone. The Bank of America and Wachovia both offer HSA programs. Many other insurance companies you encounter during your search might offer an HSA as an addition to the plan.

As an employer, you can choose to pay for your employees’ health coverage in full or in part. Certain plans allow for workers to elect only certain coverage options, and pay a fee through payroll deductions.

Having health coverage is important for keeping employees active and healthy. Benefits like these increase the chances that workers will stay with your company long-term. Hopefully, you are more prepared in your search for the right coverage.