In these desperate economic times, it is necessary for a lot of businesses to cut costs in a variety of ways to maintain a healthy bottom line. Throughout my career as an account executive at White Sutton & Company Insurance Services I have worked tirelessly to educate myself about the industry in order to provide consultative advice to my clients to reduce their exposures to various unforeseen accidents, which in turn, reduce their insurance costs over time. In addition, in my business I feel that it is critical to immerse yourself in a single trade to understand how the businesses operate entirely and their variety of cultures. It is essential to cater to a client’s needs and adequately address all of their issues and concerns that pertain to their specific company. Many insurance brokers believe that they are able to competently know what to provide a manufacturer, distributor, and contractor without any understanding of the inner-workings of these companies. My experience has shown me that this is often not the case. This is why I have immersed myself into the restaurant industry and consistently strived to be a specialist in many service organizations. I have worked extensively with many restaurant owners, chefs, and managers to truly understand what the biggest concerns are and how to address them. I also comprehend that the business is constantly changing and new hurdles must consistently be overcome; that we must act proactively each and every day to adapt our approaches and better position ourselves for the future. I have created this blog to provide relevant information that can get us all thinking about what is in store next week and how to utilize or combat it.